Data Protection

AppNavi allows you to gain insights into user behavior around your AppNavi content and on your website itself. In order to provide this insight, AppNavi collects information such as which routes are completed and which AppNavi modules are used and stores the information in the AWS Europe Datacenter.

Does AppNavi collect confidential information?

AppNavi does not collect personally identifiable information (PII) by default except for IP addresses in logs for security purposes, the approximate geographic location of the end user (country and city in which they are located), and masked IP addresses for the ongoing operation of the AppNavi system.

To uniquely identify a user, AppNavi generates a user ID, which is then transmitted for each analytics operation. The user identification feature can also be defined by the AppNavi configuration (e.g. an e-mail address). However, this is anonymized and only a cryptic identifier is stored in the AppNavi database.

In addition, AppNavi collects and transmits environmental characteristics such as browser and operating system, page URL and title. We never record the query string of a url, as this could contain sensitive information.

Example of recorded analytics data

The following example shows an excerpt of the data that is transmitted to the AppNavi Analytics API.

  "tenantId": "a6d55dac",
  "eventType": "ROUTE_START",
  "eventTypeShort": "",
  "unixTimestamp": 1715687193014,
  "timestamp": "2024-05-14T11:46:33.014+00:00",
  "sessionId": "1c3642774fe54fb3a81093c251f0ec98",
  "userId": "9d66f586d39343a498f0a8deb73f7ddc",
  "appId": "ad9gfee5",
  "integrationMode": "direct",
  "avatarVersion": "3.2.1",
  "browser": "Microsoft Edge",
  "browserLanguage": "en-US",
  "targetAudienceId": null,
  "userRole": null,
  "countryCode": "IN",
  "timezone": "Asia/Calcutta",
  "attributes": {
    "appId": "ad9gfee5",
    "routeId": "3ea31a4f"
  "metrics": {},
  "id": "864f8709-fc91-4774-a679-8ae77ef2336f",
  "createdAt": "2024-05-14 11:46:33Z",