With AppNavi Discovery organizations gain a powerful tool to monitor and analyze application usage directly from the users' browsing activities. By seamlessly integrating into web browsers, our solution offers real-time visibility into the diverse array of SaaS applications being utilized within the organization, regardless of whether they are officially sanctioned or approved.

One of the key advantages of our browser extension is its ability to provide granular insights into application usage patterns, enabling organizations to identify potential security risks, compliance breaches, and productivity issues associated with unsanctioned applications. By leveraging this information, IT administrators and security teams can proactively address concerns, enforce policies, and mitigate potential threats to the organization's data security and regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, our solution acknowledges the complexities of privacy regulations, particularly in regions such as Europe where stringent data protection laws and workers' councils exist. To address these concerns, our browser extension offers robust anonymization capabilities, ensuring that sensitive user data is transformed into anonymous, aggregated metrics while still providing valuable insights into the scope of risk posed by shadow SaaS usage.

Key features of our Browser Extension for Application Usage Detection include:

  • Real-time Monitoring: Gain instant visibility into the applications being accessed by users through their web browsers, enabling proactive detection of unsanctioned SaaS usage.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access detailed reports and analytics on application usage patterns, including frequency, duration, and user demographics, to facilitate informed decision-making and risk assessment.
  • Anonymization: Safeguard user privacy and comply with regulatory requirements by anonymizing captured data, allowing organizations to analyze application usage trends without compromising individual privacy.
  • Policy Enforcement: Implement customizable policies to enforce usage guidelines, restrict access to unauthorized applications, and mitigate security risks associated with shadow SaaS usage.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly and easy integrate with existing IT infrastructure and security systems, allowing for streamlined deployment and centralized management of application usage monitoring.