Version 2.17

Release 2.17.7

Available from October 19th, 2022


  • Some translations in German have been corrected in the portal.
  • Corrected an issue when using Connected Routes in the avatar.
  • Fixed an issue with the logical linking of rules in Target Audiences.

Release 2.17.6

Available from October 12th, 2022


  • Fixed a problem with switching the UI language in the portal.
  • Fixed a problem with the display of the route settings or tooltip in the Avatar Route Planner that occurred when using workspaces.

Release 2.17.5

Available from September 5th, 2022


  • Fixed a problem with the display of the probability in the AI Search.
  • The keyword XMLHttpRequest is now allowed in Custom Code.

Release 2.17.4

Available from August 24th, 2022


  • Fixed a character validation issue with Application Custom Code.
  • The following keywords are now allowed in custom code: "on", "one", "live", "trigger", "bind", "innerHTML", "outerHTML".
  • Fixed a problem with the detection of left-click events.

Release 2.17.3

Available from August 23th, 2022


  • Problems with automatic scrolling have been fixed.
  • UI problems with the display of target audience evaluations in the portal have been fixed.
  • Problems with saving custom code with RegEx syntax and various key words have been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem on the start page in the portal.
  • Fixed an issue with saving routes in the avatar.
  • Fixed a problem with the recognition of left clicks in routes.

Release 2.17.2

Available from August 15th, 2022


  • Fixed an issue where the user was able to click on the underlying element in an Info Step.
  • Design deviations in Planner and Tooltip were corrected.
  • Fixed a problem when copying content from the Content Store.
  • Fixed a problem with the calculation of user behaviour mining patterns.
  • Fixed a problem with the avatar always opening automatically in certain applications.
  • Fixed a problem when changing languages in the Avatar Planner.

Release 2.17.1

Available from August 5th, 2022


  • Fixed problems with the new AI search.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented keyboard input in AppNavi when modal dialogues were open.
  • Fixed a problem with the retrain function of the AI search in iFrames.

Release 2.17.0

Available from July 28th, 2022


New role system
The AppNavi scroll system has been fundamentally revised. It is now possible to create a user as a tenant owner. This user has the highest role and can manage all resources within the tenant. Users can now have an individual role per workspace. For example, a user in Workspace A can take on the role of Translator and in Workspace B the role of Contributor.

New AI Search
The new AI search is a further development of our previous search, but takes a completely new approach. Thanks to machine learning, there is no need for time-consuming and manual reconfiguration of HTML attributes to improve the findability of elements. The user can now train the search by simply clicking on the respective target area.

Copy Route Steps
Route Steps can now be copied in the Route Planner. This simplifies the creation of content immensely and gives the possibility to copy complete configurations to experiment with them without losing the original configuration.

AI based data cleansing
A new AI-based approach ensures that all personal and business-critical data such as currency amounts, telephone numbers, bank details and even employee names are filtered out during data recording in the context of user behaviour mining. The filtering takes place before the data is recorded in our system.

Target Audiences for Countries
A function for addressing countries was added to the Target Audiences. This means that content can now be played out for specific countries. The target country is determined from the respective system configuration.

Media library improved
We have revised the look and feel as well as the design of the AppNavi media library. As a further improvement, we have revised the image preview so that the thumbnails are now displayed in their original format.

Arranging elements when publishing
When publishing routes, it is now possible to arrange the display sequence via drag and drop. Routes with high relevance that should always be displayed at the top of the list can now be pinned.

Improvement of the Code Editor
The code editor now has a new design, which improves the readability of the code. In addition, we have designed the Code Editor so that more code can be displayed if required.

AppNavi Trainings
The Learning Collections have been replaced by a new training function. This offers the possibility to bundle several routes into one training. We have also simplified the publishing function and added several validation mechanisms to help the user with publishing. For the user, there is now a simple tracking to show the progress.

AppNavi Workspaces
We have renamed the AppNavi Subscriptions to AppNavi Workspaces. It is now possible to define a default workspace per user, which is displayed by default after login if the user has several workspaces.

Avatar Console Logging improved
We have improved the console log output in the avatar. These now show more helpful information such as the search execution time and the search mode which was used.

Avatar Styles Compatibility
We have revised the CSS structure of the avatar, as in rare cases there was a design overlap with the main page. Compatibility with different systems has thus been significantly increased again.

Disable Analytics at Tenant Level
Deactivating analytics at tenant level is now no longer possible. The tenant-level analytics are permanently active.

Publishing from Avatar
The function to publish routes and augmentations directly from the avatar has been removed. Publishing content is still possible via the portal.