Monitor Page Visit

Monitor Page Visits steering activity can be used to measure and monitor the visits of different users on variety of pages/sub pages on client side from different regions. This record user interactions at client side and shows the page visits in the analytics of the steering activity. The duration of this type of activity is minimum 14 days and maximum depend on the requirement of the user and its goal will be achieved once the duration of the steering activity is completed.

In this type of steering activity the advance configuration require the following details:

  • Application: User can select 1application.
  • Pages: User can add maximum 5 different url path
  • Target Audience: Add if any, its an optional field.
  • Custom Field: Its visible when user add Target Audience, there are 3 custom field that user can select and add label on client side
  • View Fields: Its multiple selection field to show custom field in analytics table
  • Custom Field: Its visible when user add Target Audience, its multiple selection field to show custom field in analytics table

Analytics for Monitor Page Visits

Monitor Page Visits analytics shows the progress of activity and calculations of page visits on the application from different countries and users, which give insights of activities done on different pages and also show users visit on different dates through charts and other data.

Users: Total no. of unique users visited the applications

Countries:Total no. of countries from where users has visited the application

Pages:Total count of pages that user has visited.

User Line Chart: Show user count on different dates throughout the duration of Steering Activity.

User by Countries Chart:Show user count on different countries.

Page Usage Chart: It will show top 5 page urls.

Page Visit Table: This table shows these columns: Unique ID, URLs, Visit Time, Country.

Example for Monitor Page Visit
If its required to monitor visits on different pages of an application, user will create this activity. Firstly, user specify time duration lets assume its from 1 March till 20 March from basic configuration and then will select ApplicationX, from advance configuration and will add pages that needs to be monitored like user add 3 sub page url. Now any user who will use or interaction with these sub pages will be recorded and if user are from two different countries like: Germany and UK that will also be recorded and will be displayed in the analytics as shown above. On client client there will be no visible activity as this will be monitored in the background of the specified sub pages.