AppNavi is super cautious when it comes to authentication. We in AppNavi have many methods for authentication like Login with ID and Password, Enterprise Authentication, Multifactor authentication, Single Sign On mechanism, Domain Restriction and Auto Logout.

Login with Username and Password:
Users can securely login using a unique ID and Password.

Enterprise Authentication:
Users can use enterprise authentication using azure active directory or by using email verification method.

MFA Login:
Users can activate/deactivate MFA on the tenant level as well as on user level. Users will be able to use MFA on user level only when MFA will be activated Globally on the tenant.

Single Sign On:
Single Sign-On (SSO) is a mechanism that allows users to access multiple applications or systems using a single set of login credentials. Currently, AppNavi is using the OpenID Connect protocol to support these type of identity providers and multiple identity providers can be used for SSO which support the OpenID Connect protocol.

Auto Logout:
This features enables logging out inactive users after a defined time period. Users can set the time period on tenant level.

Domain Restriction:
This feature allows the user to restrict or block certain domains on application level. The domains can be added on tenant level.