Multilanguage is your gateway to a world of linguistic diversity, offering an extensive array of languages from around the globe. Our mission is to bridge communication gaps and empower users who primarily speak one language by providing them with the ability to translate content into their preferred language.

We house a vast collection of languages, enabling users to explore, learn, and engage with content in their native tongue or language of choice. Multilanguage empowers you to connect and communicate across linguistic boundaries.

Multilanguage is your go-to destination for breaking down language barriers and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

With our platform, users have the power to translate content, including routes, pins, posts, news, collections, NPS (Net Promoter Score), and info, into different languages. Depending on the language settings of their browsers, the content will be displayed in the user's preferred language if it has been translated into that language.

We offer two convenient options for translation:

  1. Manual Language Selection: Users can select their desired language and manually add content in that language. This option gives users full control over the translation process, allowing them to input content directly in their chosen language.
  2. Automatic Translation: Alternatively, users can opt for automatic translation, where our system will automatically translate the content into the selected language. This feature ensures that content is readily available in the user's preferred language without the need for manual input.