Version 3.2

Release 3.2.1

Available from April 8th, 2024


  • Fixed a problem with finding elements in Shadow Roots.
  • A problem with relative routes / pin url has been fixed, which meant that it was not possible to add a "/".
  • Portal performance has been optimized when Single Sign On is activated.
  • Fixed a problem with the auto-scroll function when playing routes.
  • Some translation problems in the German language have been fixed.
  • A problem with the discovery feature has been fixed, which meant that not all applications were displayed correctly in the overview.
  • Fixed a performance issue on Analytics pages in the AppNavi portal.

Release 3.2.0

Available from March 20th, 2024


Portal UI/UX Improvements

  • The management of workspaces has been moved to The Tenant settings.
  • We have provided many data tables in the portal with filter and export options. The export function allows the selected data to be easily downloaded as a CSV file.

User Behavior Mining

  • We have significantly simplified the configuration of the UBM. Instead of using JSON for configuration as before, AppNavi now provides a convenient configuration interface. Previous JSON configurations will be lost with the new release and should be saved by the customer beforehand.
  • It is now possible to delete The recorded UBM data directly via The portal.
  • UBM data is only stored by AppNavi for 12 months and then automatically deleted.


  • AppNavi now provides its customers with a standardized blacklist for discovery. This filters out websites that are irrelevant to the business. The blacklist can be loaded and activated in the settings.
  • Discovered apps are now automatically given a title (if they are known standard apps). In addition, applications are categorized, which makes it easier to find the application.
  • Discovered Apps now support the listing and integration according to so-called business capabilities. Business capabilities are either automatically assigned to an application, they can be maintained manually or queried directly by users.
  • It is possible to carry out the discovery only in certain countries or organizational units in the future, even if the AppNavi extension has been rolled out company-wide.
  • In future, the discovery data can be easily reset via the portal interface.

AppNavi Contents

  • We have removed the AppNavi NPS function from the menu. In future, NPS surveys can be carried out via Steering Activities.
  • Using the display interval setting in Announcements, it will be possible in future to display an announcement once a week, for example.

Steering Activities

  • The Steering Activities are a new steering tool from AppNavi. This makes it easy to map certain scenarios such as user compliance or application shutdown initiatives.
  • Each steering activity type has an individual analytics page with which the progress of a steering activity can be tracked.
  • The following steering activities will be available with this release:
    • Application Usage Comparison
    • BC Survey
    • Compliance
    • Monitor Page Visits
    • Satisfaction Survey
    • Application Shutdown


  • With AppNavi Retentions, each content object in AppNavi now has a preset lifetime.
  • Content that exceeds this lifetime and is not published is then automatically moved to the recycle bin and can be restored from there if required.
  • The retention period can be customized per content and supports our customers in a clean digital adoption content lifecycle.

AppNavi Avatar UI/UX Improvements

  • We have redesigned the UI of the route and pin planner to make content creation even easier.
  • We have converted the Planner from a 3-column layout to a 2-column layout to provide even more space for the content design.
  • We have moved all settings to a separate settings section, which greatly increases clarity.


  • All newly created user identities must now be processed via e-mail double opt-in. This means that after a user has been created, they receive an Email and must first confirm their e-mail address before they receive any further login information.
  • We have also improved the user audit log and now also list conspicuous user activities such as failed logins.