About AI Search

AI search made it possible to display more accurate results in a minimum time as it works on nodes and calculates results by mathematical statistics.
AI search has the potential to provide users exactly what they want, by searching elements more accurately.

Importance of AI search

In AppNavi, we were using other search modes which helped to find the element but sometimes it didn’t find the element accurately.
For this AppNavi has added AI search with optimized search results which helps to find an element more quickly and accurately providing users more confidence to use a system.
Users can retrain a search and increase accuracy for better results.

How to use AI Search

Users use AI search by capturing an element on a page
It is present in step settings under search mode
By default the search mode is set to “AI search”
You can check how to create route
Reference URL:
Record a route: https://docs.appnavi.eu/docs/record-a-route

Retrain AI Search

Sometimes on dynamic applications, the captured element position within the same parent gets changed and as a result the system points to a similar element instead of the original one.
To avoid this and for more accurate results we train the search by using the retrain option.

Retrain feature is very useful, as the name defines it is possible to train the algorithm.
Within a drop down list, it may be important that the first element is significant or that the content of the element is detached from the position in the table.
In case the algorithm has found the wrong element, it is possible to select the right element by increasing the accuracy .
It retrains the AI search and increases accuracy of the element to be searched. It gives you a measure of how accurately an element could be identified.

By clicking on retrain icon, user can view a captured element in a retrain mode

Where users can see that not only the search result is marked but also other elements in orange.

The blue one defines the actual captured element and the Orange one defines similar elements with the captured one.

To retrain a capture, The user can then select a new element from the user interface (elements marked in orange) or increase the accuracy of the existing element by clicking on the element while holding down the CTRL key.

Press ctrl and left click on the element you want to search with high accuracy.
It will increase the accuracy and help to show more accurate results.


Sometimes capturing an element once wasn't enough to show the accurate result so we need to increase the accuracy.
By further left clicking on the element, the accuracy will increase and thus your result will improve.


The user can also select the deviation between low(95%), medium(85%) and high(75%) for the element to be searched, for instance if the user has selected medium then the element will only be searched if the element search accuracy is equal to or greater than 85% and similar tis the case with low(95%) and high(75%). This option option to be used is available on the captures in the planner and as well as on the retrain dialogue.

How Retrain Works


The weightage will define for which category the user wants to increase its accuracy.
There is a scale that allows you to choose between text and position settings. The setting allows you to change your search focus.
Weightage is defined by two categories :

  • By Text
  • By Position

By Text

This means that you can set the search based on text, element can be found by text
If element is detached from previous position and moved to other position within same parent then AI search will find by its name because it is retrained and it’s accuracy is set by its text
But in case an element is moved outside of the parent then it will not be able to search it.
The user can move the slider towards text by selecting an element
Which in return shows the accuracy of the captured element.


  • Capture an element in a drop down “estimates”
  • Play a route and it will find it.
  • Now Retrain a dialog and move slider towards text
  • The accuracy will show you how accurately will it find that element by text
  • Now increase the accuracy press ctrl and right click on selected element
  • Save it
  • In case the captured element got changed and moved to third position within a parent then it will search and point element present on third position as it’s accuracy is defined by text.

By Position

This means that you can set the search based on position.
If an element 's position on a page got changed so it will not find that element but if its accuracy is changed to position then it will help to identify the element and highlight similar elements on that position.


Capture an element in a drop down “estimates”
Play a route and it will find it

Now Retrain a dialog and move slider towards Position
The accuracy will show you how accurately will it find that element by Position
Now increase the accuracy and save it

  • In case element position got changed but on search it will show a similar element present on that position as accuracy is defined by position.
  • In case element is removed from parent element then it will not able to search it.
  • In order to check the missing element on retrain capture or in the planner, the user can see the accuracy of the element not being found and it will be marked by red color with a info message beneath.