Announcements are a simple way to provide information to users in the form of a modal dialogue. Announcements are technical articles that are played out via an additional channel. An announcement is only displayed once for a user. If several post items are to be displayed as announcements, they are displayed one next to the other in the dialogue.

When is an announcement considered read?

AppNavi has an intelligent mechanism that registers when a user reads an announcement entry. If it is considered read, it is not displayed to the user again (exception is that a new version has been created). An announcement is considered read when a user has displayed the text of a post item for at least 1 second in the visible area of the announcement window.

Create Announcement

Announcement is created via portal, user can add a new announcement or assign already created announcement to an application.
Here are the steps to create a new announcement

  1. got to portal
  2. from side menu click contents drop down and select announcements
  3. click on plus icon present on top right
  4. Now add content of your announcement and click save changes
  5. click on drop down arrow present on save changes button
  6. select save and publish
  7. Select applications where you want to publish this announcement.

Republishing Announcements

It is possible to make changes to existing announcements. When announcement item is republished a new version is created. If the user has already viewed the original announcement, the change will still be displayed again with new version.