Release Notes

The Release Notes History contains the release information for all published and upcoming releases. The date always refers to the release of the direct integration via an-loader. The Chrome Extension usually appears 3-4 days after the release.

Release 2.15.6

Released March 8th, 2022


  • Problems with resizing the tooltip in the planner have been fixed.

Release 2.15.5

Released March 1th, 2022


  • Fixed integration issue in SAP Success Factors.


  • Fixed a problem with the show action type. Elements are now no longer clickable.

Release 2.15.4

Released February 21th, 2022


  • Fixed a problem with the show action type. Elements are now no longer clickable.

Release 2.15.3

Released February 15th, 2022


  • Fixed problems with the "Prevent Pointer Down" method.
  • Fixed problems with the show-action-type.

Release 2.15.2

Released February 10th, 2022


  • Problems in user management fixed.

Release 2.15.1

Released February 3rd, 2022


  • Problems with the execution of custom code fixed
  • Design problems in the publishing dialogue fixed.

Release 2.15.0

Released January 28th, 2022


Enterprise Authentication
Enterprise authentication allows the contents of a tenant to be made accessible only to certain users within a company. The users can be authorised for this either via e-mail verification or Azure AD.

New Tooltip Designer in Portal
The new tooltip designer in the portal allows you to design the tooltip in the same way as it works in Planner. This makes the creation of tooltip content much easier and allows a simple preview of how the content will be presented to the end user. In addition, route steps that contain custom code are highlighted so that the user can find them quickly and easily.

Open Route from Planner
To enable better integration between Planner and Portal, it is now possible to display a route opened in Planner directly in the Portal. Authentication takes place as a Single Sign On - the user therefore no longer has to additionally log on to the portal.

User Role Analytics
This extension of AppNavi Analytics allows you to capture the role of a user via the AppNavi Analytics API and submit it to the Analytics service. At content element level, AppNavi then graphically displays usage by role.

Direct Content Publishing
If a content is assigned to several applications, publishing a new version could be very time-consuming, as the content had to be republished in each application individually. The new function allows republishing the content directly from the content page. AppNavi automatically detects in which applications the content is published and where an update is required and republishes it.

Change Step Type
It is now possible to change the type of a route step in the Planner after it was recorded. This makes it possible to correct errors that occurred during recording without having to re-record the step.

Predefined style configurations
It is now possible to configure styles centrally via Custom CSS and then use them in the Froala editor. This allows for cross-content design adjustments.

Route Start Mode Configurable
This function allows you to configure per route whether it is started in automation mode or in learning mode by default.


Custom Code editor improvements
We have adapted the design of the custom code editor in the portal for better readability of code. We have also improved the validation.

Inline Editing for Tooltip
The inline editing function for the tooltip has been improved. It is now possible to edit the contents of the tooltip directly in the recording without having to switch to the Planner. Various size templates have been made available to ensure a uniform appearance.

Validation in Planner
The validation in Planner has been significantly improved. This prevents conflicts when saving between portal and avatar.

Planner Usability Optimisations
We have rearranged the settings options in Planner, creating a much clearer user interface.

New Password Options for Users
When creating a new user, it is now possible to specify whether a password is to be sent by e-mail as before or whether it is to be displayed in the interface as a one-time password.


  • Fixed problems with the execution of custom code in debug mode.
  • Hotspot rendering performance issues resolved.
  • Layer issues with hotspots resolved.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with the Froala Editor.
  • Fixed problems with the back function in the portal. The back button referred to the wrong page in certain situations.

Release 2.14.5

Released December 20th, 2021


  • Fixed a problem with the evaluation of the primary language in routes in the avatar.
  • Fixed a problem with the calculation of the analytics.

Release 2.14.4

Released December 04th, 2021


  • Fixed a few issues with data aggregation for analytics.
  • Fixed a problem with deleting subscriptions. Subscriptions with content can now no longer be deleted.

Release 2.14.3

Released November 26th, 2021


  • Fixed a few issues with data aggregation for analytics.
  • Fixed problems with the display of umlauts (UTF-8 & ISO-8859-1) in the avatar.

Release 2.14.2

Released November 23th, 2021


  • The application analytics were not displayed correctly under certain conditions in English language.
  • Umlauts were not displayed correctly in the dialog title.


Triggering the focus event
For input elements, AppNavi automatically sets the focus to the destination element when traversing a route. In certain constellations, however, this can lead to problems. For this reason, a new setting option has been added to control whether the element focus is set or not.

Release 2.14.1

Released November 18th, 2021


  • Problems with opening the email client (mail-link) after integration of AppNavi fixed.
  • Fixed several problems with the calculation of the analytics.
  • Fixed multiple parallel searches when using augmentations.
  • In certain situations, the AppNavi search screen was not displayed. This problem has been fixed with this bugfix.
  • Fixed problems when clicking the test step button.
  • When searching for elements, the visibility of an element was not correctly taken into account.
  • The element search was not executed again if the visibility of an element changed.
  • It was not possible to add dialects if the corresponding primary language was already added.
  • After adding Connected Routes, the Save dialog was displayed even though the route was already saved.
  • Custom code was not copied when copying an element via the interface.

Release 2.14.0

Released November 12th, 2021


New Analytics
With this release, we have significantly expanded the set of analytics. The dashboards now include significantly more information. In addition, there are object analytics that provide a detailed insight into user behavior related to different content.

Connected Routes
This function allows a user to interactively select which route to continue with when playing a route. This also includes routes from different applications.

Follow Up Routes
With the Follow Up Routes feature, content can be easily connected via a configuration. When playing the route, the user does not notice that it is a combination of different routes. It is also possible to link routes from different applications.

Our new interactive theming creator gives our customers the ability to give AppNavi the look and feel of their corporate colors. No programming or design knowledge is required to do this. The colors can be configured via an interface in the portal and applied directly to the design.

Content Store
In the future, the Content Store will give our customers the opportunity to obtain standard content for various standard systems. Through this standard content, customers can save effort and can easily reuse and adapt existing content.

New Editor in Planner
The Planner in the Avatar (Routes & Hotspot Planner) now uses the same editor that we use in the Portal. On the one hand, we now support many more features in the avatar planner, and on the other hand, we have now created much better compatibility between the planner in the avatar and the planner in the portal. The new planner creates a much better experience when editing content. It is now very easy to format text and insert and fit media into text.

Regional Languages
Besides the supported main languages, it is now possible to add country or region specific languages. Thanks to an intelligent fall back mechanism, AppNavi always displays the best available content language for a user.


New Languages added
Russian, Polish and Hungarian UI languages are now supported in the avatar.

Support for shadow root elements
AppNavi now supports recording of open shadow root elements.

Display of HotSpots in the menu
The display of HotSpot menu items in the avatar has been optimized. This makes it easier to access the action buttons.

Responsive Announcement Dialog
The display of the Announcement Dialog is now based on the available screen size. This feature makes it easier for users to read news in the Announcement dialog.

Filtering news by means of labels
It is now possible to filter news items using the target group addressing (setting the labels). The filtering is applied immediately.


  • Fixed problems with displaying umlauts in user names in the portal.
  • Hotspot elements are now hidden if they are outside the view port.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying hotspots after finishing a route.

Release 2.13.7

Released October 28th, 2021


  • When appnavi was integrated directly into an iFrame with different domains, AppNavi was not loaded by the an-loader.
  • Compatibility problems with library prototype.js where found and fixed.

Release 2.13.5

Released October 17th, 2021


  • Problems with encodings fixed.


Additional Ui Languages in Avatar available
The Ui language Hungarian is now available in the avatar.

Extension of the Application Custom Code
It is now possible to use up to 15,000 characters in the Application Custom Code.

Direct insertion of labels during publication
It is now possible to insert labels via copy & paste, separated by semicolon when publishing content.

Release 2.13.4

Released October 13th, 2021


  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the JSON parse method.
  • Fixed a problem with the publication of Collections.


Additional Ui Languages in Avatar available
The Ui languages Russian and Polish are now available in the avatar.

Release 2.13.3

Released October 08th, 2021


  • Fixed some problems with the display of icons with Internet Explorer.

Release 2.13.2

Released October 01th, 2021


  • Fixed problems in the Target Audience (Labeling API). It is now possible to filter routes, news and hotspots at runtime.
  • The translation in the portal now works much faster.
  • Fixed an issue with custom code execution when a step was executed via custom code.
  • Fixed an issue in the Route Planner that prevented steps of a route from being deleted in certain systems.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from logging in to the avatar in certain systems.
  • Fixed a problem with finding items in tabs.


API for announcements
There is now the possibility to show and hide announcements via API. Any number of announcements can now be displayed using the following API call:['newsId1', 'newsId2']). If you want to hide the news window, you can achieve this with this API call: window.appnaviApi.announcement.hide(). News that was displayed by an API call and read by a user will no longer be displayed by publishing news as announcements.

Upload SVGs to media library
It is now also possible to upload compliant SVG files to our media library and use them in content.

Release 2.13.1

Released Septmeber 05th, 2021


  • An error in the calculation of the analytics has been fixed.
  • A compatibility problem with extension version 1.9.0 was fixed.
  • The tracking of hints for augmentations has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue for the translator role in the portal. Translators can now add the languages they are entitled to again.
  • A display error in the Planner has been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with finding elements. The Oops error message was displayed incorrectly.

Release 2.13.0

Released August 28th, 2021


Hotspots allow the user interfaces of web applications to be enriched with additional impressions. These small aids in the interface can be used to explain functions in a targeted manner or to provide the user with concrete assistance for a specific function. A hotspot element can display a direct help, announcement or start a route.

Heuristic Search
The Heuristic Search is an additional function for our intelligent search mechanism that can be used in web applications with little element information. The Heuristic Search helps to find elements much better. The Heuristic Search is automatically activated for all new routes and can be deactivated manually in the step settings.


  • The PlayStep API can now also play back previous steps.
  • The character validation in Avatar Planner now works without problems.
  • Problems with the scroll behavior were fixed.
  • Custom code is now no longer executed for deactivated steps.
  • Fixed problems in the function to copy routes in the portal.
  • The translation of content in the portal is now much faster.


Announcements presentation
The Announcement Dialogue now displays news announcements one below the other instead of in tabs. This improves the readability significantly. A news entry is considered read if it has been displayed to the user for at least one second.

Analytics performance improved
The Analytics pages now load much faster. In addition, a few calculations have been corrected.

Automation for Show Action
The Show Action now has an automation option that allows you to optionally set after how many seconds the route changes to the next step.

Reload page setting
Using the "Reload Page" setting on a Route Step, the target page can now be reloaded without the use of custom code.

Search algorithm
We are always working on improving our functions. This time we have made some important improvements to our search algorithm. It has now become even more efficient.


  • The previous hotspot function has been removed. The new powerful feature can now be used instead.

Release 2.12.7

Released August 09th, 2021


  • When searching for steps in the portal, there was a display problem which has now been solved.


Preferred attribute for recording
If the element data-an-unique-identifier is found when recording a step, all other attributes, classes and hiarachie elements of the target HTML element are deactivated. In this way, the search algorithm can be specifically intervened in by setting the attribute.

Release 2.12.6

Released July 26th, 2021


  • Validation issue fixed for translator role in portal.
  • Data aggregation issues fixed for analytics charts on home page.
  • When copying routes, the title was not copied correctly which is fixed now.

Release 2.12.5

Released July 14th, 2021


  • Fixed problems with page reload in Speed Mode.
  • Fixed Cross Origin issues when including AppNavi in iFrames.
  • Fixed validation issues for the route step preview in the portal.
  • Fixed a problem with applying settings when playing routes in speed mode.

Release 2.12.4

Released July 6th, 2021


  • Added translation of all languages supported by AppNavi in the language donut chart on the applications analytics page.
  • The content field for Route Steps is now an optional field and is no longer mandatory to fill in.
  • Fixed issues related to the display of target audiences.
  • Froala Editor display errors have been fixed.
  • Fixed problems in the route step preview in the portal.

Release 2.12.3

Released July 2th, 2021


  • Fixed problems when logging into the portal and avatar when an email address contains spaces at the beginning or end.
  • Fixed problems with validation of content in the portal when text value contains more than the allowed number of characters


Adding new content languages in portal
When adding a new language in the portal, the user can decide in the future whether the fields of the new language should be empty, whether it should be translated automatically from the primary language or whether the field values should be copied from the primary language.

Lengths for titles changed
The length limit for all titles (Route Title, Step Title, Route Collection Title, News Title) has been changed to 80 characters.

Release 2.12.2

Released June 25th, 2021


  • Problems with the Recapture feature fixed. The recapture mechanism now also detects pattern changes at the beginning and in the middle of a value.
  • Fixed problems with StartsWith Prototype in IE 11.


Application custom code length
The Application Custom Code now supports a character length of 10,000 characters.

Release 2.12.1

Released June 18th, 2021


  • Fixed problems with resuming routes after reloading a page.
  • Fixed problems with submitting Analytics events.
  • Flags for languages are now displayed correctly.
  • ECMA Script issue fixed for Internet Explorer 11.


New supported languages have been added (see supported languages list).

Release 2.12.0

Released June 11th, 2021


Variations provide a simplified way to translate content into different languages. A selection on field level is no longer possible. Each content page gets a Variants panel to easily handle the different languages.

New translator role
With the new translator role we now have the possibility to distinguish between content creation and translation. While an author can design and change content, the translator can translate - but not make structural changes. It can be determined per translator on which languages he is authorized.

Recognize formatting
If content is copied from Word into a tooltip in Planner, the author is offered to automatically clean up the content format. In this way, any display problems can be avoided immediately.

Tagging images
Images can now be tagged to make them easier to find via our search.

Intelligent recapturing of elements
Intelligent mechanisms simplify the "recapturing" of an element. If the parameters of a UI element change and are then recorded again, AppNavi automatically detects dynamic parameters and deactivates them. In this way, manual configuration work can be prevented.

Improvement of the loading performance
The optimization of our components is continuously on our release planning. With the release, the avatar loads even faster and unnecessary network traffic is avoided.


  • Fixed problem switching between languages in avatar.
  • Fixed issues with formatting images in the Avatar Tooltip Editor.
  • Fixed problems when using AppNavi in framesets.
  • Fixed problems with publishing content via drad & drop in the portal.
  • Fixed problems with reload loops when playing routes.