Manage users

Users with the Tenant Owner and Workspace Owner permissions have all the permissions to administer users in the AppNavi portal.

Create A User

When creating a user, the following information is available:

Field titleDescriptionRequired
First NameThe firstname of the user.Yes
Last NameThe lastname of the user.Yes
EmailThe E-Mail address of the user.Yes
PhoneThe telephone number of the user.No
LanguageThe language of the user. This is used, for example, when sending automatic system e-mails.Yes
Tenant OwnerWhether a user is a tenant owner or notNo

At least one workspace must be selected while creating a user. Furthermore, when creating a user, it is possible to determine how the password is sent to the user and whether the user must change the password the first time he or she logs in.


If the Force Password Change option has been selected, the user must log on to the system within 24h and change the password. Otherwise, the login e-mail loses its validity and the user must be created again.

Reset Password

The password of a user can be reset via the context menu of the respective user using the Reset Password option. Two options are then available to the user:

  • Sending the password as an e-mail: The user receives an e-mail with instructions on how to change the password.
  • Reset Password immediately: The user's password is reset and displayed directly in the user interface.

Reset Password

Reset Password Immediately

Reset Password Immediately

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