User Management

What is the User Management for?

Anonymous users - maximum protection of personal data
Users use AppNavi anonymously, i.e., there is no authentication within AppNavi. In this way, AppNavi complies with the wishes of data protection officers for data protection-friendly technology design. On the other hand, it also takes into account the demands of employee representatives not to allow performance management through the "back door". Only content creators - so-called authors - register with AppNavi. Their first name, last name and e-mail address are stored.

The right role for everyone
AppNavi has a role concept that accommodates different activities and responsibilities.

  • Tenant Owner (manages the full tenant)
  • Owner (manages content of one or multiple workspaces)
  • Contributor (manages content of one or more applications)
  • Translator (translates existing content)

Easy management of users and roles
Users can be added to a tenant and subscription via the customer portal and assigned a role. New users receive an activation email and are asked to log in and assign an individual password. As soon as this is done, the author can become active in the role assigned to him - e.g. log in to the AppNavi widget and create routes.