Data Protection

Data masking or Data Protection is a data security technique used to protect sensitive or confidential information by replacing, hiding, or scrambling original data with fictitious or pseudonymous data while maintaining its format and structure.
The primary goal of data masking is to ensure that sensitive data remains confidential and secure.

The "Data Protection" tab is situated within the UBM section, and it is exclusively visible to tenant owners.

Within this tab, you will discover an extensive inventory of Data Recognizers, complete with their names, titles, and usage frequency for a particular application. Importantly, accessing this information does not have any adverse effects on the performance of the UBM API.

Data Protection Tab

When a user navigates to the UBM section, they will notice a newly introduced tab labeled "Data Protection.
Upon selecting the "Data Protection" tab, a comprehensive list of all Data Recognizers will be displayed.
Within this list, each Data Recognizer will be accompanied by the following details:

  • Name : This represents the name of the recognizer.
  • Title : The title assigned to the recognizer.
  • Description: Description of each recognizer which defines it's meaning.
  • Number of Occurrence: Number indicating how often it was used for this specific application.
Data Protection in UBM

Data Protection in UBM

Recognizers Used in Data Protection

The recognizers check the following fields: ElementLabel, AreaLabel, and PageTitle and masking will be applied to these fields.

AppNavi Employs the following Recognition Methods for Data Protection:

IBANThe IBAN recognizer will identify and locate all IBANs
PhoneNumberThe PhoneNumber recognizer is specifically designed to detect phone numbers presented in diverse formats
EmailThe Email recognizer is programmed to locate all email addresses
DateTimeThe Datetime recognizer is capable of identifying dates, even when they are written in colloquial or informal language
CurrencyThe Currency recognizer is designed to identify any currency denomination that is presented
URLThe URL recognizer is designed to detect and identify all URLs
MentionThe Mention recognizer is programmed to identify all instances of mentions
FileNameThe FileName recognizer is configured to discover and identify all file names
NameThe Name recognizer is engineered to identify all names
IPAddressThe IP recognizer is programmed to discover and identify any IPv4 or IPv6 addresses presented