Posts / Announcements

What are "Posts"?

At the right moment - at the right place
Today, hardly any user will complain about receiving too little information: Intranets, e-mails, feeds, collaboration tools - all continuously provide employees with an unmanageable amount of posts or information. The resulting wastage is immense.

Posts as Announcements
Post can be provided in such a way that the user can open it via the AppNavi menu in the "Posts" section.
In addition, it is also possible to declare the post as an "Announcement". In this case, the post will appear automatically, e.g. when the application is opened or when another event occurs, such as clicking on a field.

Post contents
Post can be designed with different contents:

  • Text (with different formatting functions)
  • Special characters
  • Links
  • Images
  • Videos

Segmentation of "Posts": target audience
With posts from AppNavi, information can be sent in a very targeted manner. If a user opens the AppNavi widget in an application, he only sees information in the posts area that concerns this application. Posts reach the employee at exactly the right point in the work process: at the right time, at the right place - and for the right employees. Here, too - as with the routes - segmentation enables the post to be played out only to the employees for whom the topic is relevant.

Posts translation
Posts can be translated manually or automatically (using the integrated DeepL solution). Manual translation allows translation into any number of languages. For automated translation, > 28 languages are currently available. Of course, automatically translated texts can also be edited manually.

Use of Posts (Analytics)
With the analytics component, it is possible to track the usage of posts or announcements. The analytics show e.g.:

  • The number of post impressions
  • The average display duration
  • The number of impressions by applications

Publishing & Assignment
A Post can be assigned to one or more applications. Within the scope of publishing, it is possible to specify, among other things, in which application URL, in which time period or for which user segment the post or announcement is to be displayed.

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