A contract is an agreement that allows a user to use App-Navi as a service, in which the user can assign one or more applications and can use an application for a certain period of time according to the given condition of a contract and its type.

Types of Contracts

  1. Trial
    It is a type of contract that the user request through the portal once a new application is created. In this request, the user mentions a message, start date, and no. of users. A trial request is received by the backend team, they accept the request and create a Trial Contract for that specific application. The Duration of this type of contract is one month but a user may request an extension of the trial request and the App-Navi team will extend the trial for 30 more days. Extend Trial request limit is two means customer can request for extension only 2 times, and each extension will be of 30 days.

  2. User
    This type of contract is created and set by the App-Navi team as per the request of the client. In this contract user has a time period between the range of 1-month to 24 months means contract and all the assigned applications will get disable after the given period of time and it has a minimum 1 permitted application that can go to 100 applications as per the request of a user and 1000 no. of the user which can go to 100000 users as per the request of the user.

  3. Usage
    This type of contract is created and set by the App-Navi team as per the request of the client. It’s a yearly contract which has fix 10000 usage points that the user may consume when using an application, contract and all the assigned application will get disable once the contract is expired. There is no limitation in assigning an application, but once these usage points are consumed, the contract will no longer be in use and applications will be disabled but Customers may request more usage points and these usage points will be added by the App-Navi team.

  4. Environment contracts
    This is a unique contract that App-Navi provides to its client for free along with Usage and User based contracts, as many clients need additional contracts for testing and development. On-demand of customers, the AppNavi team can create a main contract with sub-contracts "Development" or "Test". Both these contracts are user-based contracts. A user-based contract with 100 users and 1 permitted application is created. The contract duration is always the same as the contract duration of the main contract, this feature is valid for Usage and User based contracts both.

Email Notification of Contracts
Customer is notify about the life cycle of any contract via email that he has provided to App-Navi team. Following are the notification that customer receive.

  1. When contract is created the customer get notification.
  2. When Contract is about to expire customer get notification.
  3. When contract is expired customer get notification.