Info is a new feature which has been introduced, it has similar goal and functionality as announcement and post. It provide information to the user, it is displayed only when the user call it via custom code

Create Info

Here we will learn how to create info. Following are the steps to create info:

  1. Login into Portal
  2. Go to Content -> Info
  3. Click + Icon
  1. New Edit page will open
  2. Add Title, description
  3. Click Save

Assign Info

Once Info is created, we can assign it to single or multiple applications. There are 2 ways to assign info.

  1. Users can assign info through the info edit page and can choose an application to which users want to publish.

  1. Users can also assign info through the Application level, where the user has to select Application->Info. The info assignment page will open for that specific application where the user can assign/unassign/publish an info.

Info Visibility At Avatar Side

When user has created an info and has assigned it to some application. Now user can display that info at avatar. Here are the following steps.

  1. Go to Application
  2. Choose any Application
  3. Go to Edit Application -> Custom code
  4. Add this custom code there, it should have Info ID
    var configuration = {infoId:"infoId", filterByTargetAudience: true};
    console.log("Info has been shown having id " + configuration.infoId);
  5. Click save

  1. Go to Avatar and reload the page
  2. Info will appear in logout scenario