Working with Captures

Captures are a simple way to specify alternative display elements for a step. If the main element captured for a step is not found, the AppNavi algorithm searches for an alternative element. This mechanism is very suitable for pages with a responsive function, for example. On these pages, the design, i.e., the arrangement of the elements, often changes as the screen resolution changes. With AppNavi captures, the same route can be used for different design arrangements on a page.

How captures work

Follow the steps to learn about how captures work.
On Route Planner, click on Step and then on Search under the Details section
Scroll down and find a section named "Captures"
Here you will see the already captured step along with three options: the "Add Capture" (plus icon), “Test & Train Capture”, and the "Record Again" icon.

1. Add captures
Clicking on Add captures (plus icon) will add an optional capture to the already captured element.
In the event that the element is not found, it will move to the newly added capture element.

If the element structure of a page is adapted to different resolutions (responsive website), certain elements may no longer be found by AppNavi or are simply no longer present on the page. In this case, the same route can still be used by adding additional captures to the steps. AppNavi then searches the list of captures one by one and checks whether the element can be found.

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2. Record Again
Recording the same elements helps the user improve the element identification mechanism on dynamic pages.

Case 1: The user has selected the wrong element and wants to overwrite it with a different one.
Record Again will help authors capture page elements again and replace the previous capture.
If an author captures an element on the page but decides to change it, use the "Record Again" option to capture a different element on the same step.

Case 2: The user wants to improve the search mechanism on dynamic pages.
If the user captured an element before and added details on that step, but because of the dynamic page, the captured page element is changed, it will not be able to find that again.
For this purpose, the user can record the element without losing the added details from that step. The AppNavi Engine then automatically adjusts the attributes so that they work in both cases. You can check the change in the Element Properties window.

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The following table shows how an element property changes when it is re-recorded.

Initial Attribute ValueRerecorded Attribute ValueAdjusted Attribute Value

Attributes that disappear completely from the dome remain as attributes in the list of element properties but are deactivated.

3. Delete Capture
If there are more than one capture, user has an option to delete any capture which is no longer required.