So that every user only sees what is relevant to him

By using AppNavi you have the option to segment your contents. This can be done while publishing them.

The concept is that for each user who is unsing a target application and hence AppNavi, there will be a set of criteria which is true for this user. When some author on the other side is publishing a route or a news, he can label this piece of content. In case the criteria of the user is matching the labels of the content, the content is shown.

So we have to aspects. First we can setup a segmentation logic which is retrieving the criteria for the user and second we can publish the contents using the set of available labels which we have defined.

Creating a segmentation logic

For example a user is from "Germany", works in the "Finance Department" and within the target application he has the role of "Admin". So for this user three criteria are true: "Germany", "Finance Department", "Admin".

Within the Custom Code module you have the chance to define a JavaScript array which contains all the criteria which should apply for this user. This array can then be passed to the window.appnaviApi.application.setCustomLabels() method. As the creation for this array is done by the help of JavaScript you can define whatever logic you like. This makes AppNavi's segmentaion one of the best in the market.

Typical sources for information about a user are:

  • Reading the UI: "When there is a little pencil icon, then it must be an admin"
  • Reading a JavaScript variable from the target application
  • Getting information from an internal or external API

Doing so you AppNavi knows all labels which are true for this user when the user first visits the target application. To keep this information, the labels will be saved within the browsers localStorage.

Labeling your contents

As an author you can Publish, republish or unpublish a route. By doing so, you can provide a list of labels which characterize this piece of conent. For the labeling you can use all the labels which were made available within the custom code.

When is a content shown or hidden?

At the end a content is shown when one of its labels is matching at least one (or more) criteria of the user. We can distinguish different cases:

  • A content does not have any labels: All users can see this content
  • A content has a label, but the user's criteria is not matching: Content will remain hidden
  • A content has a label and it matches one of the criteria: Content will be shown
  • A content has a label and it matches multiple criteria: Content will be shown