Version 3.1

Release 3.1.4

Available from January 22th, 2024


  • A problem with the display of pins has been fixed, which caused pins in certain sub-urls not to be displayed.
  • Fixed a problem in Service Now where menu items were not found correctly.
  • We have fixed a performance problem of the AI Search, which caused that in pages with many elements the finding of elements took too long. In certain scenarios, this also had an impact on the function of the page itself.
  • We have fixed a problem that caused the tooltip to be displayed in the wrong place when zooming in the browser.

Release 3.1.3

Available from December 14th, 2023


  • Fixed an issue with the Insights Dashboard that prevented the dashboard from loading. In addition another problem related to the manual refresh of dasboards was fixed.
  • Fixed a issue in the avatar where clicks on the sync button were not recognized.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was able to change the profile picture of a mirror application.
  • A problem with copying large routes in the portal has been fixed.
  • Fixed a issue with the execution of routes with the configuration "Prevent Redirect", which caused several redirects to take place on the page.
  • Fixed a issue that caused data to continue to be recorded even when Discovery was switched off. The problem was an isolated incident that only occurred when Discovery was already activated.
  • Fixed a issue with the continuation of routes in modal dialogs which caused routes not to be continued after a modal dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where mouse click events were not registered, resulting in routes not being able to continue.
  • Various minor design and usability issues have been fixed.

Release 3.1.2

Available from November 15th, 2023


  • Fixed a problem with the display of posts that were only activated when the collection feature was activated.
  • A problem with the recording of steps in overlapping windows has been fixed.
  • Minor design issues in the avatar have been fixed.
  • The time measurement for areas and pages in User Behaviour Mining is now also stopped when a user switches tabs.
  • Problems with the calculation of discovery dashboards have been fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the recognisizers where incorrect metrics were calculated.
  • For logged-in users with an expired token, it could happen that the avatar no longer reacted to a click and it was necessary to empty the local storage manually. This problem has also been fixed with this release.

Release 3.1.1

Available from October 26th, 2023


  • Resolved a search issue that caused the AppNavi search to jump to an incorrect step within a route.
  • A problem with the Follow Up routes was solved, which meant that jumping back and forth between different applications did not work.
  • Fixed a problem with the display of announcements that prevented announcements from being started from a pin.
  • Fixed several issues with the client API.
  • Fixed a problem where the avatar closed when you pressed the ESC key and only reappeared when you reloaded the page.
  • Fixed a problem with authentication in the client.
  • Fixed a problem in the scrolling behaviour.
  • Fixed a problem when uploading images to the tooltip that caused the image to no longer be present after saving.
  • Fixed a problem in the avatar that caused filter settings to be lost after editing an entry.
  • Fixed a problem in the discovery feature that caused the activity time to be calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed other minor issues with the tooltip display.

Release 3.1.0

Available from October 5th, 2023


AppNavi Discovery
AppNavi Discovery makes it possible to create an overall picture of the application landscape of the entire company with just one click. For this purpose, anonymised usage statistics are created, which can then be used to identify little-used or incorrectly used applications. All information collected does NOT contain any personal data and is completely anonymous. The AppNavi Discovery Feature requires the AppNavi extension.

AppNavi Insights
The New AppNavi Insights Center will be the central place for all AppNavi Analytics in the future. With this release, we have laid the foundation.

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey allows to measure user satisfaction in a specific application and to collect feedback in a standardised format. Combined with the AppNavi features such as target group addressing, an NPS survey can be displayed time-controlled or only for a specific target group.

Single Sign On
The Single Sign On feature allows authors to log in to the AppNavi Guide and Portal without entering their credentials. AppNavi Single Sign On is based on OpenId Connect and enables easy integration of identity providers such as Microsoft Auzure AD, Okta and many more.

AppNavi Guide
Our AppNavi lasche is now called "Guide!". In addition to changing the name, we have also slightly adapted the visual appearance. It may therefore be necessary to make adjustments outside the AppNavi standard, e.g. through JavaScript or custom CSS.

AppNavi Diagnostics
AppNavi is now even easier to integrate into applications. AppNavi diagnostics checks if there are any compatibility problems with an application and creates a list with suggestions for fixing these problems.

We are constantly working to improve the usability of our product. To this end, we have removed the right click in the context menu of the route planner and in various other places and replaced it with a more intuitive menu. In addition, we have simplified access to various components such as the application configuration, the analytics, etc. in the portal.

Data Protection 2.0
We have further improved our privacy mechanism for collecting user behaviour data. In addition to the familiar classifiers for identifying e-mail addresses, IBANs, telephone numbers, etc., there are now also evaluations of how often which data class was identified and neutralised.

User Behavior Mining 2.0
Our new User Behaviour Mining 2.0 is now even easier to use. Using an easy-to-configure JSON, you can define which areas of an application are to be tracked. This data can then be downloaded either as an event log directly from the AppNavi portal for further processing (e.g. with Microsoft Power BI, Celonis, etc.) in standard formats such as CSV and JSON. The AppNavi Portal provides dashboards for standard scenarios.