Company Apps

A "company app" generally refers to a mobile or desktop application developed and used by a specific company to support its business operations, enhance productivity, or provide services to employees and customers.

In the Insights - Discovery section, introduce a new tab featuring a table labeled "Company Apps."
This table shows all discovered apps which have set the property 'Company App' as true

The Company App table displays the following columns:

Not Compliant

Users can utilize filters to refine search results in the Company App list. Filters are applicable to categories, types, and the Not Compliant field, enabling users to efficiently narrow down their search criteria.

Create Company App

Users have the capability to manually add company apps, but these won't be included in the discovery list since they are user-created and not discovered by extensions. However, if the same application is subsequently discovered by an extension, it will appear in the discovery list with the same URL. Nevertheless, the title and category will be updated in accordance with the pattern established for discovery apps.

To create a Company App, users can click on the plus icon. Upon clicking the plus icon, a "Create Company App" dialog will open, featuring the following fields:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Type
  • Category
  • Not Compliant Toggle

Edit And Delete

In the Company App list, users can hover over any app, click on the context menu, and two options will appear: "Edit" and "Delete."


Selecting "Edit" opens the "Edit Company App" dialog with the following fields:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Type
  • Category
  • Not Compliant Toggle
  • Company App Toggle

If the company app is discovered by an extension, the URL field in the edit dialog is displayed in read-only mode. However, if the company app is created by the user, the URL field is editable in the edit dialog.


Users can delete a company app by selecting the "Delete" option from the context menu. This action removes the application from both the Company App list and the discovered applications. The data associated with the deleted app will be removed from the discovered apps charts after a nightly job.

Classification of Company App URL

Company app URLs will be identified according to the following criteria:

Rule 1: Excludes URLs starting with "www."
Rule 2: Requires more than two dots (excluding "www.") in the URL.
Rule 3: Eliminates URLs that commence with "web."
Rule 4: Eliminates URLs starting with "chat."

Download Data

On the Company App interface, users have the option to download company apps.
By clicking the download button located in the top right corner, users can select their preferred options. Upon selection, a CSV file containing the relevant data will be downloaded, providing users with a convenient way to access and manage company app information.